Vandalism on Singleton’s Way

Since October of last year there have been several acts of vandalism to the cars parked along Singleton’s Way. Summit Management and the HOA Board have reached out to Fairfax County for an update on the situation. Below is the response and some recommendations from Fairfax County.

With any act of vandalism, the citizen should contact the Fairfax County Police Department, they can either call the non-emergency number (703-691-2131) or they can fill out an online report for certain crimes and an officer will contact the individual (I believe within 72 hours). I’ve provided the link to report the crime below.

Car vandalism has been an on again off again issue in the Centreville area for the last several years. Sometimes, the acts of vandalism are committed by teenagers, and we’ve also had a group of professional thieves operate in the area. Individuals should always lock their car doors and remove their valuables, electronic devices, and GPS devices.

I understand the frustration of the effected parties, and the Fairfax County Police Department does take these incidents seriously. That is why it is imperative that individuals report these types of incidents to the police department so that they can track/investigate them and apprehend the individual(s) committing these acts. Unfortunately, the police officers can’t be on every street 24/7.


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