Seal Coating Rescheduled and Pool

Seal Coating has been rescheduled for June 22nd, 24th, and 26th. The same schedule for street closures, trash, and bus stops as before applies. A memo was sent to all homeowners.

As summer arrives, we get lots of questions about pool memberships. Winding Ridge does not have a pool. Other pools in the neighborhood are private and we are not permitted to join due to ADA laws. The board is working on partnering with another HOA for pool access, but there is nothing in place for this summer.

Residents may apply for a membership to the Manorgate Pool (near Centreville Elementary). Memberships are first come, first served and cost $400/family for the summer. The application is available here:

Winding Ridge does not have information pertaining to any other pools that offer public memberships.


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