Parking Enforcement

Dear Winding Ridge Residents,

Thank you for being patient as we move forward with a new towing company and guest parking permits.

We recently had “permit parking only” signs installed on Monday December 5th. As a result, ANYONE parking in the GUEST PARKING spots without a permit tag will be towed immediately without warning. The towing company is:

V.P.S Towing & Recovery
14843 Farm Creek Dr, Woodbridge, VA 22191

Please make sure your hang tag/permit is clearly visible.

Again, these guest parking spaces are meant to be used for your guests and not additional cars in your household. Please park any additional household vehicles on Singleton’s or Federation.

Additionally, vehicles that are clearly blocking sidewalks as to not safely allow pedestrian right of way will be towed as well.

Remember, the sidewalks are community grounds and are not part of your private driveway. Please be mindful of this when parking in your driveway.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please reach out to Summit Management. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


4 responses to “Parking Enforcement”

  1. Can we get a better definition of what “clearly blocking sidewalks” means? We got a nasty gram a while back and HOA management never replied to my email. If there is room to walk comfortably walk by then there should be no issue. Perhaps a graphic showing what is considered not walkable? And maybe a warning before towing from driveways that is clearly identified as from the HOA with contact information? Thank you.

    • Hi Dave, I hope you are doing well. Here is an example of a graphic showing what the sidewalk aprons are:
      Please note that the sidewalks must be clear and free of any obstacles. A person should be able to walk or run down the sidewalks without having any obstructions. There are still many vehicles that are double parked where the vehicle is blocking the sidewalk apron, preventing the right of way for pedestrians. I hope this helps. Please feel free to review the governing documents which have the definitions therein. Have a great week!

      • Thank you for the graphic, I appreciate it. I would contend that vehicles only partially obstructing the sidewalk apron, where runners/walkers might have to shift a foot or two, but not into the street, should be considered acceptable. I didn’t see in the governing documents specifics addressing 100% obstruction vs partial obstruction. Having lived here for 23 years and this issue has never been before brought up by the HOA I would suggest that some flexibility here is in the best interest of the community (where safety is not compromised of course.) Thank you.

      • Personally, I run down the sidewalks and I am annoyed that I have to zig zig around cars blocking the sidewalk. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that single car driveways should not have two vehicles in them…and if they do…not block the sidewalk aprons. Sure, a partial obstruction can be justified with some flexibility. I can even understand situations where a guest chooses to park in the driveway and block the sidewalk for a few hours…the key phrase being a few hours. These measures are to prevent the misuse of residents constantly double or triple parking and blocking the sidewalk aprons on a consistent basis. There is no excuse for that. Thank you.

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