Community Facebook Group

Dear Winding Ridge Residents,

Over the years, the association has utilized several communication channels to keep our homeowners informed. These channels include:

We have continually thought of ways to improve homeowner engagement within the community and to improve the dissemination of information to homeowners.

In an effort to promote community discussions and provide a fast and easy place to digest HOA information, we have made a private group on Facebook where we encourage you to join.

We hope you find this group useful as a place to ask questions, get to know your neighbors, report neighborhood watch concerns, and help our community thrive.

As the group is private, you will be required to submit your house number and the full name of a homeowner as listed in the HOA directory. It will be compared to the directory prior to approval. For privacy concerns, tenants will not be approved to the group.

Winding Ridge HOA Facebook Group

Have a nice weekend,

Board of Directors


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