Notice: Change of Trash Collection Services

The community is changing trash services.  ADS will no longer service the community.  Instead we’re changing to Champion Disposal Services. This begins the week of May 1!

Pick-up date and times are as follows:

Trash:  Mondays and Thursdays.

Recycling:  Wednesdays

Yard Waste:  Thursdays March-December

The current ADS issued equipment is on schedule for pick-up/removal on Wednesday May 3rd. Residents should be advised not to place any trash or recycling in ADS containers.  Equipment should be placed out at the curb in front of their home the night before or by no later than 6am on May 3rd.  They must remain completely empty as the Container Dept doesn’t have anywhere to place trash or recycling.

The board voted 2-1 to not have trash and recycling cans be provided by the new trash service. The rationale for this decision was based upon several material factors of consideration. This includes the history of trash services for the community (which did not historically provide equipment), community budget discipline to reduce cost creep, and the feasibility of provisioning equipment from the new provider while transitioning from ADS.

For example, Champion stated that they would have been unable to furnish new equipment to the community without significant delays. The cost of the equipment option is also an additional $8,971.20 in 2023 ($30,844.80 vs $39,816). The contract increases by 3% year over year through 2026.

Residents are encouraged to purchase their own for trash and a separate one for recycling (clearly labeled or the color blue).

If there are any questions/concerns please reach out to Toria Harris at Summit Management. Direct: 301-576-8374 or


One response to “Notice: Change of Trash Collection Services”

  1. Residents should be ‘required’ to purchase trash and recycling containers per the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Article IV, Section 2-K which states that all trash should be kept in approved covered containers.

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