Airbags Stolen in Centreville Area

From Fairfax County Police Department:

Sully Community,

In the overnight hours of April 24th into April 25th there were two cars parked near the intersection of New Braddock Rd and Singletons Way in the Centreville area that had their airbags stolen.

One car was a 2020 Honda Civic and the other car was a 2018 Honda Accord. If you live near this area and have video cameras, please check your cameras for anything suspicious and call police at 703-691-2131.

The cars targeted were Hondas, however any car is vulnerable to airbag theft. Air bags can be stolen quickly, are portable and easy to hide.

1.) Park your vehicle in a well-lit area; airbags can be removed in under 2 minutes.

2.) Consider purchasing a steering wheel locking device. The main bar of the device runs through the center of the steering wheel and will help prevent the theft of the airbag. There are some devices that cover the entire steering wheel which might provide better protection against airbag theft.

3.) Have a car alarm

If you see something that looks out of the ordinary, especially around parked cars, call the police! Do not engage with anyone, we encourage you to be a good witness! How can you be a good witness? Call the police immediately if you see something suspicious or a crime being committed!

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