Due to the limited amount of visitor parking in our neighborhood and per the request of home owners, the HOA has adopted a new parking policy. ALL vehicles parked in visitor spaces are required to have a hang tag displayed on their mirror or dashboard.

Each home will receive ONE hang tag to be used for visitors only. Each hang tag will have a unique number that is associated with their home, this will NOT be your address for safety reasons. Summit Management and Battlefield Towing will have each number for record. Duplication of the hang tag is forbidden and if duplicated, will be revoked. If lost a fee will be assessed to receive a new one.

Vehicles without a hang tag or found to have a duplicated hang tag will be towed immediately without warning. Battlefield Towing will be patrolling our neighborhood a few times a day to remove any vehicle found in violation. Battlefield Towing will also begin towing any vehicle found in the fire lane or sidewalk outside a home (without prior approval from the HOA).

Hang tags as well as the complete parking policy will be mailed to the homeowner of record within the next few weeks. Any rental unit is the responsibility of the home owner to ensure the renter receives the new hang tag and parking policy.

Any questions or comments, please direct them to Toria Harris of Summit Management.



  1. I don’t live in Winding Ridge anymore…I sold the home in July. Please remove me from this distro.

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  2. Where is the location of the visitor parking spaces. Are they the spaces without numbers? The parking spaces with numbers will they be effected? Will the parking spaces with numbers still be open parking? Will, some time in the further, the numbers spaces be assigned?
    Thank you

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